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PNG Arabica was established in 1996 and was the first PNG website to deliver our rare coffee to all international destinations. Today, we PNG Coffee: roast our own coffee and offer: Roasted Beans, Ground coffee and fill Nespresso compatible capsules in Capsul'in (France) capsules. Our coffee capsules were selected and are served at Papua New Guinea's national airline Air Niugini's Executive Club lounges in both the domestic and international airports at Port Moresby (Jackson's) and Lae (Nazab). Our roasted beans are used exclusively by the Grand Papua hotel in Port Moresby.

Our very own PNG Coffee

Our arabica coffee is grown at 5,000 ft above sea level: the ripe red cherries are carefully hand picked, washed, wet processed with care, naturally sun dried, and selectively roasted to perfection by three generations of the Colbran family's estate in the Eastern Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea. The coffee is packaged, then flown to Port Moresby by light aircraft, and finally delivered to you for a taste of Papua New Guinea.

Delivery via EMS

We now exclusively dispatch via EMS, it cost a little more but tracking of your coffee is assured. Considering our low coffee price it does not add to your overall cost. Our prices already include EMS delivered to your door.

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Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea shares the eastern portion of the world's second largest island , New Guinea. PNG comprises of 600 islands situated just below the equator and to the north of Australia. Papua New Guinea has high mountains, tropical rain forests, grassy plains to sandy beaches and coral reefs.

Papua New Guinea Coffee

The highlands, runs down the back-bone of the Country, separating Papua from New Guinea. The high altitude and cooler climate is perfect for the cultivation of high-quality Arabica Coffee. 70% of the population are still dependent on subsistence agriculture with small plots of coffee trees. Pure economics dictate traditional and natural farming methods as chemicals, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides are unknown and unobtainable because of the cost and logistics. Resulting in coffee with naturally low levels of caffeine and acidity, with absolutely no trace elements of chemicals and pollutants. This fact is verified by independent Australian and European laboratories.


The legendary internationally known premium coffee species, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee was established in PNG in the late 1930's. Go to any gourmet food hall: Harrod's, Galleries Lafayette, David Jones, in fact any speciality gourmet shop and see for yourself the price of Blue Mountain and you will agree that our Blue Mountain coffee is indeed rare and is the finest available. Our coffee is grown in the Papua New Guinea Highlands. It was first planted in PNG in the 1930's from seeds imported from Jamaica by the then British Administrators. At 5000ft above sea-level where the climatic conditions are the same as the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.




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